How to save money on medical expenses

Other than routine health care costs, such as annual exams,¬†which are covered in standard medical plans, there will be those occasions when you may incur unexpected medical costs due to injury or illness.¬†Since these costs may be recurring for some time, you will want to look for ways to save money to help ease the […]

How to beat bank fees

It’s happened to all of us. Sooner or later we will get ensnared in the bank fees trap, and it can be very costly. According to Money Magazine, the big three banks (Chase, Wells Fargo, and BofA) collected $6 billion in ATM and overdraft fees alone in 2015. That’s just three banks. Fees are of […]

Erroneous rental car charges and what you can do about them

We just came back from a great trip out west. Because we weren’t in a major city the whole time, we had to get a rental car. Normally, this is no big deal. Step 1 – Find Lowest Price, Step 2 – Get Car, Step 3 – Return Car and complete the transaction. But, sometimes […]