How to save money on moving expenses

Whether for a new job, home, or personal reasons, moving expenses are likely going to eat into your wallet at some point in your life. And, for more transient groups, such as students and younger professionals and families, a seemingly frequent event during your early adult years. There are ways you can contain some of these costs, as I have experienced recently with having to move my own stuff around before we renovated our condo.

If you are not moving far, especially if your friends are no longer into the whole “pizza and beer” ploy, you can save money on area of moving expenses, boxes. Boxes are like batteries, a necessary expensive necessity in life when times call for moving. But, there are alternatives to buying boxes, especially if you live in an apartment building or high density area with liquor stores. Peruse your building’s “bulk trash” room and see if anyone has recently thrown out a box, preferably in tact. And, visit your local liquor store for other great, free boxes that are excellent for packing just about anything.

Moving expenses are annoying, but they can be controlled.

moving expenses
free boxes help can help you save on moving expenses

Saving gas money with this loyalty program is easy

saving gas money with Fuel Rewards

photo credit: Shell

Saving gas money is a constant challenge for frequent commuters and travelers. The average gas price in the U.S., according to the American Automobile Association is $3.65, down $.10 from a year ago. While that is a relief for some, it’s still too high for many. There are many ways to save gas money, such as by taking fewer trips, keeping your tires inflated, and keeping your driving speed consistent. But, as a loyalty programs enthusiast, I am always on the hunt for other angles to lower one’s cost of living.

You may have heard about Shell’s Fuel Rewards program, but it’s worth revisiting, so lets view a video on how the program works.

Saving gas money is easy with Fuel Rewards

After registering, just use your linked fuel rewards network program card(s) and Fuel Rewards points will credit your purchases based on the dollar amount spent with affiliated retailers, online and in store. Use another grocery store-linked fuel savings program? You can still use that, too.

After earning credit for your purchases, you can apply them at the pump using your Fuel Rewards card and watch your price per gallon drop. According to the Fuel Rewards website, consumers save an average of $.33/gallon (presumably a month since the credits do expire). While not a barn-burner, as I always say, if you are going to buy something, you might as well get something in return. Saving gas money with loyalty programs such as this one should be on your list, too.

Transfer loyalty program points to get you closer to an award

loyalty program points
loyalty program points

Big users of loyalty program points have probably all had this problem before: you have several different loyalty programs, but not a large enough balance in any of them to cash in for an award. Suddenly, that well-deserved vacation, or other award, seems more out of reach. You could wait to accrue more through shopping, or other activities, but you risk point devaluation over time. And, unlike money, frequent flyer miles and other loyalty currencies don’t grow by themselves. But, there is a way you can take your existing point pile and add more value to it.

Enter, the free site that allows users to buy, track, manage, and exchange loyalty program points. For example, you can convert credit card points into flight miles on any number of top airlines. You can also cash in points/miles for gift certificates to shop with top retailers. This is especially helpful if your points are going to expire due to account inactivity. 

Loyalty program points are great, but they are useless if they cannot be used. can help with this problem.