Erroneous rental car charges and what you can do about them

We just came back from a great trip out west. Because we weren’t in a major city the whole time, we had to get a rental car. Normally, this is no big deal. Step 1 – Find Lowest Price, Step 2 – Get Car, Step 3 – Return Car and complete the transaction. But, sometimes […]

Why some merchandise is locked up on drug store shelves

As a consumer issues blogger, I might pay more attention while shopping in drug stores than some. I am not just looking for deals, but also for new brands, merchandise, and good customer service. I also like to see if the store is being maintained well. Lately, I have begun to notice an increasing trend, seemingly, […]

Save money on Mother’s Day 2016 flowers

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the barrage of ads, Mother’s Day is fast approaching – May 8. But don’t panic as I have got you covered on how to save money on Mother’s Day flowers. And, unless you are fortunate to live close enough to hand deliver them to your Mom (not […]