AAA, the perfect shopping companion

Since shopping season is in full-effect, let’s look at some additional savings tools that you may already be in your wallet that you might have forgotten about. Today, we’ll look at AAA, the American Automobile Association, which is more than just a great service to get you out of a flat tire. It also has a robust discount and rewards program that can easily pay for the membership itself in no time.

You might already know that AAA provides discounts on hotel and car rental reservations, but did you know that you can save 10% off Amtrak, or 15% off UPS? Simply presenting your card or shopping through AAA’s portal will provide you hassle-free savings on just about anything you can think of. You can get discounts on participating restaurants, for example.

I am more than just a towing service, go shopping with me too!


Credit: AAA

Membership in AAA starts at $52, and there are discounts for additional drivers. But, the great thing about AAA is that you don’t have to have a car. Sign up and start saving today.

As we continue towards the holiday season, look for more quick tips to help your wallet while shopping.

Post Black Friday shopping with AMEX Small Business Saturday

American Express’ Small Business Saturday is getting more popular and it’s coming up soon! Not familiar? This event has taken place the last few years in late November and its a promotion for you to be rewarded for supporting small businesses. This year, spend $10 (minimum) at a at small business on Saturday, November 29, and receive a statement credit of $10, up to 3 times. Free money! You must register here and be a holder of an American Express card. If you have more than one American Express card, you

Why is Small Business Saturday so great?

small business saturday

Credit: American Express

Because if you plan on shopping at a small business, you might as well get something for it! And, if you don’t want to battle the Black Friday crowd the day after Thanksgiving, this is another opportunity to save money on items you would be buying anyway.

Small Business Saturday is a great way to get a jump on your shopping and to avoid some of the hassles of the holiday season.

How technology will change how we shop

Future technology that we typically only see in sci-fi movies, like the Minority Report, is starting to become a reality for shoppers today. In one scene, Tom Cruise’s character happens to walk by an electronic billboard which recognizes and interacts with him. Crazy, but not too far off anymore with where technology is heading. Over on the Engadget site, they recently featured an article on Samsung’s answer to Apple’s iBeacon, called Proximity. The concept is both pretty exciting and a bit paranoia inspiring, too.

Shopping technology you will soon see (or not)


Source: Engadget

In a nutshell, if a store, restaurant, or other retailer installs a Proximity or iBeacon device, anyone with a more recent smartphone model and bluetooth enabled could be essentially “followed” while inside, or close enough outside, a beacon. In the article’s example, say you are clothes shopping and are a bit on the fence about buying an item. The technology could immediately send you a message about a limited time offer that might be available just for you. Sounds pretty good to me!

Since I promote loyalty programs and electronic coupons quite often on this blog, I am not too bothered by yet another method of tracking my retail habits or whereabouts through technology. I think the opportunity to receive limited-time offers or discounts that don’t require you to hunt for a paper or electronic coupon first far outweigh any intrusion these devices may cause.