How to Get Free Lunches and Other Give-a-ways

Somewhere stuck among your wallet, suit pocket, or briefcase there is likely a stack of business cards that are going unused.  While networking is important, and you do not want to be without cards at an opportune moment, chances are your business cards could be working for you in other ways, too.  The next time at your lunch hour, if you go out to lunch, look for a fishbowl or box sitting on the counter when you check out.  Often times you will see that your favorite deli is giving away a free lunch to you and maybe even some office- mates, too.  Do yourself a favor and throw your card in.  You have nothing to lose and all to gain.

If you win, not only will get a free lunch or other service, you can become an instant hit with your colleagues and shore up any dicey relationships you have with your friends.  Your chances of winning are probably better than you think.  If you lose, hey, at least you tried.

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