Make Sure You Get All of the Loyalty Program Points You Deserve

Cash Back Coupon!If you are booking a hotel reservation for a special or group rate, make sure to add your loyalty program number to your reservation.  This summer, I am going to a close friend’s wedding and had to book the reservation directly through the hotel to get a great group rate.  I tried to add my loyalty program number at the time of reservation, but the front desk wasn’t able to do so.  They didn’t explain why, but I had some idea, and I wasn’t going to give up just yet.

Instead, I called the national reservations number and asked to add my number to my reservation.  They said “no” because it was a heavily discounted rate that only the local hotel was offering but to try and call them directly anyway.  Not a problem, I thought, let me try it again.  Sure enough, I spoke with a different staff member at the hotel and they added it with no problems.  The lesson here is that if you don’t like the answer you hear in a customer service situation, try and call, email, or tweet back again and you might reach someone else who can make it happen.
It’s just like a lot of things in life in that you will never know until you ask.  In this case, be persistent because you have nothing to lose, but points to gain.
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