Take Me Out To The Ball Game, But Leave The Ticketing Fees Behind, Please!

Like a lot of Americans, I love going to baseball games, but don’t like to pay exorbitant ticketing fees either. What are these fees? I am talking about the extra “junk fees” that ticket providers tack on to your ticket price after they show you an initial teaser price. For example, search for a couple of baseball tickets on MLB.com and it is quite common that there will be “convenience fees,” “download fees,” “on demand fees,” “network fees,” etc. added. The good news is that I am going to show you how you can cut the cost of tickets even if you have to pay ticketing fees in the process.

While it can be almost impossible to avoid some sort of service charge when you buy an event ticket, there are ways to help bring down the initial cost of events. I have used Seat Geek (formally Fansnap) in the past to buy tickets for this vary reason. Basically, the site is a ticket search engine that aggregates prices from leading ticket providers, such as Stubhub, and Razorgator. Seat Geek is pretty transparent with the total ticket price, including fees, but of course, you will never know until you go through the final entire transaction. Simply sort through the seats you want by event, date, and section and you can easily compare prices.
ticketing fees
SeatGeek can take the sting away from ticketing fees
So, why use a site like Seat Geek?  Simple. By comparing ticket prices, you will get an idea how much in junk fees are added to the final sale price for event tickets. You might be surprised that the same event tickets sold directly a team or venue are actually higher than a third-party like Stub Hub. So, the next time you are seeking event tickets, do a little hunting to see if you can get the price down first which will help blunt the impact of any extra ticketing fees.
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