Cashing In On Starbucks Rewards

As I reported back in June, Starbucks Rewards underwent some program changes — I think for the better.  Not only can you earn free coffee by using their giftcards, you can also when you buy ground coffee at the store.  Look for the specially marked bags that have a gold sticker on them.  On the back, is a code to enter at (you must have an account) which will help you achieve Gold status. Gold status gets you free refills, discounts, and more.  I finally earned stars to cash in, so naturally I am excited.

Here’s a video below which provides an excellent overview of the program:

But, there’s more.  Don’t just throw away your empty Starbucks bag, bring it in to a store and you will get a free cup of coffee also.

Free coffee!

With all of this awesome free-ness, it will definitely help bring down the cost of your coffee habit.


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  1. I have eight stickers from coffee purchased over the last few weeks. Redeeming them is more trouble than it is worth. I started an account and wish I had not. I have redeemed none.
    it should be simple.(example….pm4z2fr2c)

  2. Hi Jim

    Thanks for responding.

    Well, if I hear what you are trying to do, you have a limit of two “stars” you can input a day. You also can no longer turn in an empty coffee bag for a free cup of coffee.

  3. Have tried inputing product rewards cards to my gold card and receive message it is unsecured sited and blocked. Wonder is it is really worth the effort.

  4. Hi and thanks for reading and commenting. I am wondering if you just change browsers? Or clear out your history/cookies. I haven’t run into any issues with entering Stars. I know that you can only input two a day at the max. Let me know if you still have any issues.

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