Hertz Announces “Freedom to Fuel” Option – Is it a Game Changer?

How many times have you rented a car and wondered if getting the “pre-pay” fuel option was worth it? You may be in a remote area where there are not a lot of gas stations, you have a tight schedule and need to make a flight with little time to spare, or you feel it’s just easier. There are many compelling reasons. You will usually pay a premium for this convenience though, otherwise what’s the incentive for the rental agency? It’s usually cheaper to buy gas on your own and return the tank full rather than empty because if you pre-pay, and don’t use all of the gas in the tank, you won’t get credited back. So, do the math to see what works best. 

But, what if you could have the best of both worlds? Pay for gas ahead of time, or see if you can get it cheaper on the road and get refunded when you fill the tank yourself? Hertz just announced a program that will allow just this. Simply “opt-in” ahead of time for the pre-pay fuel option, and if you find cheaper gas along the way, just fill it yourself and get a refund. 

Since car rental companies are continuing to consolidate, it will be interesting to see if the other big ones will follow suit with pre-pay fuel option flexibility.

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