Saving Money at Restaurants with Open Table

Recently, I was able to cash in on my hard earned OpenTable points accrued from dining at restaurants and it was sweet. If you are not familiar with the program, it gives you points for making free reservations before you dine. Then, after reaching certain tier levels, in my case 2000 points, you can cash your points in for dining cheques good at Open Table’s participating¬†restaurants.


Open Table can save you money!

Here’s how Open Table works:


1. Visit OpenTable’s website

2. Search for participating restaurants that you are interested in

3. Select the number of people in your party (1 or more)

4. Find the time you are interested in (if available, if not, you may have to be flexible)

5. Make a reservation

6. At a minimum of 2000 points, cash them in for a $20 dining cheque

2000 points may seem like a lot, but if you are a frequent diner, it can be achieved in as few as two visits. Depending on the restaurant, time, or day, points earned vary between 100 to 1000. Thus, it might up to 20 visits for some, but two, 1000 points visits for others. Even if you know the restaurant won’t be busy it’s still worth making a reservation. Think of it as a rebate on something you’d buy regardless.

Say ‘Bon Appetit’ to Savings!

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