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Daily Deal Sites Showing Fatigue, or Getting Better?

With many consumers seemingly growing inundated with daily deal site overload, differentiation is becoming more key. And, it’s probably a good thing. This morning, I got a note from LivingSocial that they are making changes to its refund policy – which I didn’t think needed much improvement, but I will take it. After all, if a consumer buys something that they couldn’t use(or regret buying), it’s not really LivingSocial’s or another daily deal site’s fault.Daily DealI’d complain if the daily deal simply wasn’t as advertised, unavailable, or some other event happened (such as the store offering the deal went out of business).

As explained in a snippet of the email I received below, LivingSocial is enhancing its refund policy to make it easier to get a refund.

LivingSocial Daily Deal Refunds Getting Easier

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Bottom line, this improvement will definitely help LivingSocial’s reputation as being a reputable business among majorĀ daily deal sites

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