Just Three Weeks Until Black Friday!

Thanksgiving is just under three weeks away which means Black Friday is too. If you aren’t familiar with Black Friday, it has become synonymous with major shopping deals. In retailer parlance, it’s the day when their balance sheet finally shows profits. But, let’s talk about something more exciting. Heading out to the mall can be a pretty fun, but crazy experience, and not for the faint of heart. Expect major competition with fellow shoppers over deals, and, maybe even a fight. Unless you have a major urge to splurge, and love that kind of adrenaline environment, I recommend staying at home and let the frenzy die down. But, if you cannot wait, there are several sites that track deals everywhere, from drug to “big box” stores deals, that will do the hard work of scouring deals for you.

Since there are too many to cite, perform a simple Google search (demo here), and you will see several sites to choose from. What happens next is that closer to Friday, November 29, “leaked” ads will start appearing on these sites. I think this is somewhat intentional, but there is a great story of a rogue employee providing privileged sales circular data Snowden-style.

Black Friday is awesome, but do you really want to deal with this?

Instead, the Edge recommends waiting until Cyber Monday, a major shopping event on-line after Thanksgiving. On this day, people really start to think about their other holiday shopping needs. It’s a great time to get deals, such as free shipping, and other bargains.

black friday

Black Friday: Courtesy, ABC News

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