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MyPoints A Super Loyalty Points Earning Portal

Next to my airline frequent flyer accounts, MyPoints is one of my oldest loyalty points programs in which I am a member. If you aren’t familiar with MyPoints, it’s a one-stop shop for loyalty points earning for most of your on-line shopping needs. MyPoints offers points for shopping at major stores, like Drugstore.com and Office Depot, offering a certain points/dollar for each purchase. Why is MyPoints unique from other programs? Not only can you earn loyalty points from shopping, but also for playing games, filling out surveys, responding to offers, and entering contests. The idea is simply to engage you for as long as possible. The site even has a search function as well, so you don’t even have to leave to do your web surfing.

After reaching certain thresholds, starting at 500 points, one can begin redeeming their MyPoints loyalty points for a wide variety of gift cards, Paypal credits, and even United MileagePlus miles. The following illustration shows just how easy it is to earn and burn your points.

How MyPoints Loyalty Points Works

loyalty points I love MyPoints as it is a great all-around site for earning and redeeming points. If I want frequent flyer miles, I can get those. If I want cash back, I can get that. Or, if I want to save for a gift card, I can get that, too. As I always say on this blog, if you are buying something, you might as well get something back, too.


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