Tracking Loyalty Programs Balances

Readers of this blog know that I love loyalty programs. Any time I shop at a store I will probably visit again, even a restaurant, I will see if they have any customer loyalty programs. Here’s the problem, after many years of collecting points in various frequent flyer miles, hotels, car rental, and other programs, it can be difficult for anyone to remember all of your accounts and their balances. Enter Award Wallet, a simply awesome website that will track all of these balances for free.

Use Award Wallet to Track Loyalty Programs

loyalty programs balancesAfter registering, I was surprised at the depth and breadth of loyalty programs you can track – from travel to shopping to restaurants, and everything in between. When finished, the site provides a dashboard view of your points, expiration dates, and other information. The free version is pretty sufficient by itself, but if you want to upgrade to Award Wallet Plus, you get a few more details for each program.

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