Whole Foods Announcing New Loyalty Program – Less Whole Paycheck

This morning, I read an article that Whole Foods, that I, and many others, lovingly refer to as “Whole Paycheck,” that they are testing out a new loyalty program in select markets. Starting in 2014, select stores in Illinois, Indiana and Florida will offer 10% back to shoppers when they use the new loyalty card to purchase “365” products. 365 is Whole Foods’ in-house brand. From the article, it seems clear that this a strategy to help Whole Foods compete with other natural grocer’s in-house brands in order to increase its margins.

You May Soon Stop Calling Whole Foods “Whole Paycheck!”

Whole Foods

I am pretty excited if the Whole Foods program takes off and expands to DC (and elsewhere). I don’t normally need to argue with Mrs. Edge on how changing shopping behavior can save money, however, when it comes to grocery shopping, I defer. Since the program isn’t widely available yet, I have to settle for the “Whole Deals” coupon publication that you can find at Whole Foods scattered around the store. It usually save us a few dollars, and I mean a few, but I will take it. As I hear more about this new program, I will report back.

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