2013’s Major Shopping Days Are Over, But You Can Still Clean Up

The major shopping days post-Thanksgiving may be over, but that doesn’t mean you still cannot save. Look for “after Christmas” sales from big retailers that clear their inventory and help you keep your money inventory.

In my mind, you can always get a deal despite the time of year. Coupon codes, shopping portals, and credit card promotions, they are always happening. And, even better, you can get bigger deals even after major holiday shopping days are over. Now that 2013 is just about in the can, retailers, such as Macy’s, are already touting post-Christmas sales so that can take advantage of shopper’s still spend-thrift mindset and clear out their inventories. Today, they were offering 10% off various items using the coupon code “Merry” as just one example of these deals. Look out for more.

Shopping Days Are Not Over!

shopping daysIf you are patient, and can wait, you can really start to see mark downs after New Year’s. Remember this, savings can be had year-round, especially if you think strategically after major shopping days have passed.

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