Just In Time For The Holidays To Help You Earn Points And Cash Back – The Shopping Maximizer

Recently, I partnered with Pick2Pay to bring a really awesome tool to the Consumer’s Edge – The Shopping Maximizer. This tool, available as a mobile or web app, provides a streamlined interface to help you maximize points and cash back earning from your favorite stores. I have added it to my Tools page, which you can find here.

The tool is very easy use. First, to really get the most from the tool, take a moment to set up the application properly by selecting the credit card you normally use to shop online. You are not entering information here, but just selecting the card you’d ideally use for purchases. This helps the app highlight your maximum opportunities to save money or get cash back, so it’s important. The app also has a handy tutorial to walk you through the process.

Next, you enter the store where you will be shopping. For this example, Mrs. Edge likes yoga pants, so I selected Athleta. When I searched for Athleta, the tool showed that I could get a rebate of 5% at TopCashBack for my shopping if I used that portal. Not bad! That’s already on top of the 1% or more I could get using a credit card.

Pick2Pay Helps You Maximize Points and Cash Back 

points and cash backPick2Pay can definitely help simplify your hunt for points and cash back when you are shopping for the holidays.

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