Never A Better Time To Get An American Express Credit Card

If you don’t already have an American Express credit card, or debit card, you are definitely missing out on some great offers as of late. As I have written before, American Express’ sync program is an excellent opportunity for you to save big money just for linking your credit card or debit card to American Express via Foursquare, Twitter, or Facebook. There’s a very helpful video on how this process works for synching your account to Twitter. I am still trying to find videos on how to do this for Facebook and Foursquare.

Sync Your Teeth Into American Express Credit Card Savings

Some recent sample deals include:

  • $25 off of a $75 purchase at Amazon
  • $30 off a $150 purchase on Amtrak

There are many more offers out there, but fortunately, this Slick Deals thread, provided by the Frequent Miler blog, helps you keep up with them. This post also has a great summary of the various ways in which you can link your American Express credit cards.

The bottom line is that an American Express credit card or debit card can help you save a lot of money on things you would have bought anyway — with little effort!

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