The Downside Of Using Gift Cards

Long-time readers of this blog know that I love gift cards for gift giving. And, they of course are pretty awesome for gift receiving, too. Shop at a gift cards re-seller, such as, and you can even score discounted gift cards, making your savings potential that much greater.

There are some drawbacks, as I have learned recently, about using gift cards for purchases. While purchases, such as appliances, typically come with a one year warranty, they can be doubled automatically, for free, when buying them with certain credit cards. Here are the links to Visa’s, Discover Card’s, and American Express’ purchase protection programs. But, if you use gift cards for your purchase, you are at the whim of the manufacturer that they will be in business to honor a return of a product defect. What’s more is that if the original warranty period has expired, you won’t have that extended warranty that a credit card would offer.

Consider Credit Cards Over Gift Cards For More Expensive Purchases

gift cardsBottom line is be sure to check the manufacturer’s warranty before buying expensive products, such as appliances, with gift cards.

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