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Plastic Jungle: Which Credit Cards Are Best For You?

Cash back, frequent flyer miles, points…so many different types of credit cards,there are many different types in which to choose. With many loyalty program credit cards and options available, it might be tough to decide which is the best option for you. Before we discuss some helpful tools you can use to decide, let’s look at your objectives for maximizing your spending on credit cards.

Which Credit Cards should I have?

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First, if you are a travel enthusiast, like I am, you may want to strongly consider frequent flyer mile earning credit cards.  Air travel can be a major expense, so earning frequent flyer miles for everyday spending can definitely help stretch your travel dollar when cashing them in. The United MileagePlus Explorer Card is one option.

Second, if you are more of a general points earning junkie, then you may want a more universal points earning card that can be cashed in for more than just travel. In this case, an American Express Membership Rewards card would be for you.

Third, if you are more of a straight up cash-back person, that’s an excellent option for maximizing shopping savings in the form of rebates. In this case, the Discover Card is worth looking into.

In any of the examples above, it helps to know where you can research, compare, and apply for the ideal card for you. A great place to start your search is on Credit Cards.com. The site provides comprehensive information on the features and benefits of the various types of credit cards offered, and, an easy-to-use tool to help you find the best one.

The bottom line is that if you are going to be spending money, and using a credit card, you should get a little in return, too. What’s in your wallet?

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