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Part I: Saving Money On Prescription Drugs

Leaving the overall health care costs debate behind, a prescription drugs can be an expense outlay regardless of your plan. Routine medication, prescription contact lenses, or other health care treatments really can blow a hole in your wallet. But, there are ways you can fight back. Before you accept the Dr.’s prescription drugs, ask a few questions. First, is there a generic alternative? There probably is. Second, ask if the Dr. has either a sample of the product in which they are prescribing, or a coupon. Chances are that they do. Since Doctors are constantly bombarded with salespeople, they probably have a tube of this or that kicking around. Just ask for it!

Don’t Allow Prescription Drugs To Make Your Wallet Sick!

prescription drugsApart from what prescription drugs discounts you are able to obtain from your doctor. There are a few other tips a well. First, use a comparison website such as GoodRX. GoodRX acts like a search engine for prescription drug prices. For example, type in the drug “ibuprofen,” used as a mild pain killer, and it will return several stores’ listings for that product. And, they do range in price. The major drug stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid all varied about $5. Just imagine if we were discussing a much more expensive prescription drug, for serous conditions. With this information, you can be a wise shopper and explore options before you buy.

The bottom line is, don’t be struck by sticker shock by high prescription drug prices. You can fight back.

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