The Best Time To Buy Anything During the Year

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have the edge on recognized times of the year to get discounts on certain items, but there are other “best” times to do so as well. Lifehacker, a really awesome site that discusses DIY “Do It Yourself,” technology, software, and other practical things, has such a guide. Today, I cruised it and found this really helpful infographic showing the optimal time in which to make purchases. Because the graphic is so big, I posted it on my¬†Pinterest site. From the guide, depending on when it is during the year, and what it is you are buying, there can be a substantial difference in cost of certain items.

As an example, January is a great time to buy clothes. Presumably, we are in between seasons, and while the whole country is freezing its flag off, retailers are pushing you to think about Spring fashion. This means that Winter clothes can be had at a bargain. Consider keeping this link handy in your archives for the next time you are considering buying anything. If you can, hold off until the best time.



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