Earning Loyalty Program Points is Easy with Rewards Network Dining Program

Like many, Mrs. Edge and I love to dine out, especially if it means earning loyalty program points. And, I am not just talking about the ones you might earn with your credit card, but in addition to it. If you aren’t familiar with the Rewards Network Dining Program, than you really need get in on the points earning action it offers for dining out at certain restaurants. This handy infographic shows how the program works:

loyalty program points

 Eat your way to loyalty program points

Depending on what program you register with, you will earn several points per dollar spent, even tax and tip, which makes Rewards Network a very easy, effortless way to earn points. Since it has a companion mobile app, I recommend downloading it, so when you are out, you can decide what restaurant to dine at based on the points offerings.

In future posts, I will discuss other easy ways to earn loyalty program points just for registering and for making purchases you would be anyway.

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