Hacking Loyalty Programs – Starbucks Rewards Edition

For big fans of both coffee and hacking loyalty programs to maximize their benefit, Starbucks Rewards, is definitely for you. Now, when I say “hacking,” I mean becoming really good at how these work, and nothing untoward. Some programs are really easy to master, such as Starbucks’, and others, like frequent flyer ones, are far more intricate. If you are a frequent Starbucks guest, I highly suggest getting a Starbucks gift card, registering, loading, and using it. For every visit, you will be closer to earning certain rewards, like free drinks and food, when you present your card. You will also get a birthday food or drink option, annually, too.

Help the environment while hacking loyalty programs

hacking loyalty programs

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We have covered two aspects of the Starbuck’s loyalty program, but there’s still more to go. I have discussed in the past that if you buy Starbucks coffee in the stores, you can collect “stars” that come with codes you enter online that will also earn you free drinks. hacking loyalty programs¬†Shortly, after I discovered this promotion, I noticed that if you return an empty bag of ground coffee, you can also get a free cup of coffee.

The bottom line is that if you apply a few tricks, such as the ones discussed here, hacking loyalty programs can put a small dent in at least your coffee budget. The challenge is finding other programs where you can immediately enjoy the rewards from your loyalty.

Here’s a head start bonus tip: buy a discounted Starbucks gift card at Raise.com.


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