Transfer loyalty program points to get you closer to an award

loyalty program points
loyalty program points

Big users of loyalty program points have probably all had this problem before: you have several different loyalty programs, but not a large enough balance in any of them to cash in for an award. Suddenly, that well-deserved vacation, or other award, seems more out of reach. You could wait to accrue more through shopping, or other activities, but you risk point devaluation over time. And, unlike money, frequent flyer miles and other loyalty currencies don’t grow by themselves. But, there is a way you can take your existing point pile and add more value to it.

Enter, the free site that allows users to buy, track, manage, and exchange loyalty program points. For example, you can convert credit card points into flight miles on any number of top airlines. You can also cash in points/miles for gift certificates to shop with top retailers. This is especially helpful if your points are going to expire due to account inactivity. 

Loyalty program points are great, but they are useless if they cannot be used. can help with this problem.

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