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As this site continues to evolve, I wanted to inform my readers about a few updates that are planned, or already in the works. First, my goal is to continue adding helpful tools to help you save money or earn loyalty points as easily as possible. Look for those on the Tools tab. I had to remove my coupon database as the company running it went out of business, but I am looking for an alternative. If you haven’t played with the shopping tool powered by Pick2Pay, I strongly encourage it. It simplifies the process of finding the right shopping portal and credit card to maximize point earning.

Second, I have added a “glossary” to the site to help explain some of the terminology I use in my posts to describe savings opportunities. That will evolve over time as new strategies, tools, and tricks are identified. Third, I have re-engaged with the Examiner.com site. This national and hyper-local aggregation site is another exciting avenue to help tell me story.

What you would like to see on this site? You can contact me at mark@theconsumersedge.com, and stay tuned for upcoming updates to the site.

Updates are coming..


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