How to make loyalty programs tracking easier

Between grocery stores, restaurants, frequent flyer programs, and others, loyalty programs tracking can become a little overwhelming over time. There are account passwords to remember, and, all of those key chain cards you get with each program. My keys used to look like a janitor’s with all of the additional bar codes I had on them. There is help, though, and loyalty programs tracking is only getting easier with a variety of desktop and mobile apps. This post will discuss one app that I have begun to experiment with, Key Ring, that you should consider using.

With Key Ring, you simply scan your loyalty program cards into the app, select the associated store, and it will save your card for you. When you are at the store, simply dial up the corresponding card and bar code and have the cashier scan it. Instant access to your loyalty program information and no more having to remember your card!

This screenshot below explains how this app looks like on an Android phone:

loyalty programs tracking

Key Ring makes loyalty programs tracking easier

As you can see from this screenshot, the simple store icons can be easily found later. And, once you register for a free account, and sync your cards, you will be presented with great savings opportunities, too, from weekly ads from over 160 retailers. Not bad!

Check out the Key Ring app today and let me know what you think about it.






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