How to save money on moving expenses

Whether for a new job, home, or personal reasons, moving expenses are likely going to eat into your wallet at some point in your life. And, for more transient groups, such as students and younger professionals and families, moving seems to be a frequent event as well for many years. But, there are ways you can contain some of these costs, as I have experienced recently.

If you are not moving far, especially if your friends are no longer into the whole “pizza and beer” ploy, you can save money on one area of moving expenses, boxes. Boxes are like batteries, an expensive necessity in life. But, there are alternatives to buying boxes, especially if you live in an apartment building or high density area with liquor or grocery stores. If you live in an apartment building, peruse your building’s “bulk trash” room to see if anyone has recently thrown out a box, preferably in tact. And, if you want boxes that already have slots, dividers, and padding, visit your local liquor store and ask for spares.

Moving expenses are annoying, but they can be controlled a bit with a little creative thinking and planning. I have even heard of Craigslist ads offering free boxes just for the taking.

moving expenses

free boxes help can help you save on moving expenses

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