Saving more with credit card savings programs

In addition to the many benefits that they provide, credit card savings programs are yet another easy tool for your savings arsenal. Let me explain. One of the biggest programs that I have used in the past year, American Express Sync Offers, has been simply awesome. Register your card through Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare, “load” offers on to your card, and you will receive substantial statement credits at select retails. It’s painless.

Visa is also a player among credit card savings programs. For quite a while, they have offered special promo codes that you enter at retailers such as Fandango that will give you 20-25% off of movie tickets, simply for using your card. Mastercard, it seems, is a little behind the curve. They seem to only offer savings promotions to business card holders. But, they do have the very cool Fuel Rewards program, which helps with gas savings. Discover, has cash back bonus programs, and I see them adding to this program to keep up.

This is a win-win for both consumers and card issuers. They gain by grabbing targeted advertising data from you, but even better, pass on substantial rebates in the process. For example, a few months ago, there was an offer through American Express for $25 off of Best Buy for a purchase of $250 or more. If you were already planning on making a Best Buy purchase of that amount, as I was, then, there’s no reason not to like that offer.

The bottom line is that somewhat hidden within the many benefits that your credit card provides, there are awesome savings to be had through credit card savings programs. All you have to do is just register or use your card.

credit card savings programs
credit card savings programs are pretty easy to use
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