AAA discounts and rewards

AAA discounts and rewards – a program you should know about

I am always on the hunt for new rewards programs, and one that has become increasingly useful is AAA discounts. Yes, the same American Automobile Association that rescues you from flat tires and dead batteries has a really awesome discount and rewards program called Club Rewards (link varies by location after you enter your zip code.) For years, I have used AAA discounts to save 10% off Amtrak, 10% or more off for hotels and car rentals, and more. But, did you know there are even more discounts and rewards available?

AAA discounts

AAA discounts

Through their program powered by WOW Points, you can earn points back on purchases made at major retailers such as Gap, Walmart, Best Buy and others. The AAA website provides a very helpful, easy to understand overview of how the program works, so I will let the graphic explain it all.

What was additionally surprising about this program was that I found discounts and loyalty points available that I hadn’t been able to elsewhere. For example, grubHub, which is an online food delivery service, is one of the retailers listed on the AAA Club Rewards site that allows you to earn 3x points on food orders. One of my go-to rewards searching websites, Evreward, did not have grubHub listed as tied to any loyalty programs. So, you may never know what AAA discounts and loyalty points you may find that are not available elsewhere

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