Paying Bills Online Just Got Easier and Cheaper, Too

Paying bills online is something that I, and many others, have been doing for some time. This helps save the hassle and cost of writing checks, paying for postage, and sending and waiting for them to clear. In short, a real time and money saver. Although paying bills online has become a way of life for many, some billers, such as my property management company, will charge me a fee for online bill pay. The only free option is to set up a direct debit from my checking account every month, which I don’t like for two reasons. 1) they have access to my checking account, which makes it very easy for them to over bill me, or worse; 2) I cannot use a credit or debit card without incurring massive fees. So for 8 years, I have been stuck with this problem.

Enter Evolve Money

Some months ago, I learned about Evolve, which has a very large library of billers available to pay online, including home mortgage companies, cable utilities, and more. Evolve even allows me to use a debit card to directly pay my property management company, for free. The same set up would cost me about 3.5% in fees from the management company.

paying bills online
paying bills online

In addition to the convenience of free online bill paying, if I need to make a last minute, same day payment, there’s only a nominal fee of $1.50, which is a lot better than being delinquent or incurring a service charge from the biller for being late. In addition to the hassle and cost saved with using Evolve, it gets even better. Evolve can actually help pay your bills when you apply promotion codes! As a first time user of the bill pay service, I used a promotion code that took $5 off a bill I paid. Awesome! Naturally, I was pretty excited. Since I was curious if other promotion codes would be offered for paying bills online in the future, I wrote the company which tweeted that they in fact would be. So, stay tuned!

Just because one of your billing companies is not operating in the 21st century, and tries to charge you to pay them money, see if Evolve can help. Chances are they can.

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