Grocery shopping on a budget made easier with MyGroceryDeals

Comparing prices on products and services online is pretty easy to do, however for grocery shopping on a budget, that’s a different matter. Doing some digging on the subject, I recently came across and registered for MyGroceryDeals, which is akin to a deal-finder for groceries.

Registration is free and once you do, you can pop in a product like “Cheerios” and narrow down a list of sources nearby that are offering deals. And, the price differences can be staggering. For example, after my search, three listings popped up with widely varying prices:

For a 12.25 oz box of Honey Nut Cheerios, the following listings came up:

  1. Safeway – $1.49
  2. Shop Rite – $1.99
  3. Harris Teater – $3.75

What’s great about the listings is that there is a lot of additional info about the product/deal once you click on the link, such as product description, terms, and a shopping list creator. And, the store listings are pretty varied as they are not just limited to major grocery stores. CVS, Walgreens, Target, and others were listed, too. This is also helpful for deciding if it is worth doing your food shopping while at the pharmacy and eliminate the need to go two separate stores.

To really jack up your savings, you can also pair your deal searching with the coupons that are listed from a number of sites, such as

grocery shopping on a budget

Grocery shopping on a budget made easy

Grocery shopping on a budget is definitely a lot easier with tools such as MyGroceryDeals and they promise to roll out more features in the future. I will be watching for them.


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