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Memorial Day weekend is here in Washington, DC, and I can already hear Rolling Thunder outside my window. I would like to take a moment to thank all of our military service members (thanks to my Dad, cousin, and many friends), past and present, for their service to our country. They represent what makes this country great. Since it is Memorial Day, I wanted to do a little research on how America gives back to its service members in the form of discounts and other benefits. Here are just a few sites that I have found, along with some other blogger’s research, that are especially notable:

military service members

Military service members have many discounts available to them


  1. From the Million Mile Secrets blog, military can receive fee waivers on their credit cards! That is huge! I wasn’t aware of this, but it may be common knowledge to others.
  2. lists several discounts available from retailers, such as on travel, clothes, and cell service.
  3. Military Benefits lists several discounts as well, which may be similar to, but they are all listed on one page, in alphabetical order, which is easier to search.
  4. Military Discount Finder provides an even easier user search tool to find discounts, allowing you to search by keyword and location.
  5. Veterans Advantage is a program that provides “Exclusive Military Discounts, Benefits & Rewards for Active Duty Military, Veterans and Their Families,” which is pretty inclusive.
  6. Gas prices for those making 2,500 mile motorcycle rides to and from DC for the weekend. Well, not necessarily an exclusive military service member discount, but there are several discount programs that you can take advantage of to shave a few cents off the cost of your ride.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but a good place to start. It also never hurts to simply ask if there are military service members discounts available when shopping that you can take advantage of. You might find that they are otherwise unadvertised or that the store would like to give back just because to build goodwill.

Thank you again to all our of military service members!

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