Pick2Pay simplifies earning loyalty points or cash back while shopping

There are many websites that are focused on earning loyalty points, cash back, and frequent flyer miles for shopping, but cutting through the “noise” and the processes to get to the deals can be challenging. Help is here. Recently, I began experimenting with a tool I learned about, Pick2Pay, that substantially helps with maximizing loyalty points earning. Even as an experienced loyalty programs aficionado and user, I found it to be amazingly helpful.

The tool is very simple to use and has many powerful features that really streamline the process of maximizing rewards while shopping. It comes in a few different platforms, web app (below, and on my site on the top menu, Rewards Maximizer), iPhone, and soon Android platforms. A Chrome extension is in the works, and I imagine other browsers in the future, too. Here is the actual app below, which you can start clicking through right away:

Pick2Pay makes earning loyalty points while shopping a lot easier

For a full demo of how the tool works, the following video is very helpful:

Basically, after figuring out what store you are going to buy a product from, the tool helps you decide both the best credit card and shopping portals for earning loyalty points, cash back, or frequent flyer miles at that particular store. You can mix or match at your choosing of course. Sometimes, it makes more sense to choose cash back over frequent flyer miles if there’s a higher payout, and vice versa. Since shopping portals have different timetables for awarding points, cash back, and miles, there may be a longer lag time than others. For example, Ebates pays out every three months, while Top Cash Back can vary substantially by retailer, so you may want to consider that variable when two shopping portals offer the same amount of cash back or other loyalty points. Some have minimum amount thresholds, for example, $5 to $10, or more, before they will pay you anything.

This tool will save you a lot of time in your quest for earning loyalty points. by not having to visit multiple websites, this definitely will speed up the process for maximizing points earning while shopping. Check it out today.

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