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Cutting the cost of your Starbucks coffee habit

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A few days ago, I tweeted an article about the proposed increase for Starbucks coffee, but that I wasn’t too concerned given the many ways you can lower your coffee habit cost with them. The announcement was  that Starbuck’s new suggested retail price for a pound of coffee will be $9.99, up $1 from today’s price.

As an avid Starbucks drinker, this won’t sway me much in my brand loyalty. I have learned many tricks to help lower my per cup price at both a Starbucks coffee location and the grocery store. Here they are in no order of priority:

1. At a grocery store, wait for Starbucks to go on sale and stock up. I try to wait for CVS to lower the prices to about $6.99/lb. and then I pounce.

2. Again at CVS, but wherever other stores have them, use $/off coupons that you might see in the mail, email, or at the coupon center. Note my massive savings at CVS the other day when I used both $4 off $20 coupons and took advantage of a sale. Note: these weren’t Starbucks coupons, but store coupons. For a better view of my receipt, you can download it here

Starbucks coffee

Starbucks coffee savings

3. Look for specially marked bags with a star on them and enter the code on the back on the Starbucks Rewards website. You must be a member, of course. Stars will earn you perks, like free food and drinks.

4. Grab a Starbucks gift card at any location, load it up online, and earn more stars as you become a Gold member.

5. After finishing your empty Starbucks coffee bag, take it to any Starbucks and get a free drink! At Starbucks in the DC area, that’s about $2 for a tall cup you are getting for free.

6. Buy a discounted Starbucks gift card at at about 5 – 10% off their normal price.

There you go. Those are my 6 tips to help keep the Starbucks coffee price increase in check. If you have any other ideas, just leave me a comment.

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