How to use coupon stacking to jack up your savings – CVS edition part 1

Using coupons is a fundamental tenet of my savings strategy, but, “coupon stacking” takes this to the next level. This is definitely one of the tools you need to learn in order to boost your savings arsenal. First things first. If you aren’t familiar, stacking is the process of adding multiple coupons to the same item purchased while shopping. I will explain it a bit more in detail below.

For example, say you have a $1 off Tide coupon that you clipped or found online that you plan to use at CVS. Let’s say that you are also an ExtraCare member, too, who loves to use the coupon center machine at CVS, pictured below. Let’s just say that you use the machine by entering your ExtraCare number, and after it makes its music, prints out another $1 off Tide coupon. You now have two coupons. Are you getting excited? Proceed to checkout and present both coupons, and bam, you have just stacked and saved $2!

coupon stacking
Coupon stacking
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