How to use coupon stacking to jack up your savings – CVS edition part 2

A few days ago, I mentioned that coupon stacking is possible at CVS (and a number of other retailers, according to this post on Lifehacker). Today, we are going to take it one step further with CVS and show another useful coupon savings tool – CVS’ $ off coupons. $ off coupons are exactly what they sound like – getting a certain amount off your purchase when you spend a certain amount of money. For example, lately, I have been getting a lot of $4 off $20 or more coupons at checkout. That’s pretty sweet, because not only will that save me $4, but when I have other manufacturer’s coupons, I can apply those, too.

Now, we have talked about where we can get manufacturer’s coupons, which is greatly aided with the tool, and this coupon search engine, too. But, there are four ways to get the $/off coupons: the CVS Coupon Center, at checkout on your receipt, snail mailed, or also emailed (when you sign up to receive these promotions). Hold on to these as they are as good as tax-free money to you.

The challenge to you is to see how much coupon stacking you can do the next time you shop!

coupon stacking

CVS coupon stacking done well!

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