Technology Tuesday: Use IFTTT to help you save money and time

Recently, I learned about and started using a really awesome tool, IFTTT, to help me automate some annoying tasks in life and send reminders about things I can do to save money. But first, what is IFTTT? IFTTT stands for “If this, then that.” In simple terms, it’s essentially a suite of web-based tools and mobile apps that you link together by creating “recipes” that help you automate routine, laborious tasks. The interface is really simple to use, too. For example, since I live on the East Coast and have many friends and family members who live out West, they often forget I am three hours ahead. Solution: a recipe I use now that mutes my Android phone in the evening and unmutes it in the morning. Presto, no more late night disturbances. Sure, Microsoft Outlook can send reminders, but, it does not have the power or reach that IFTTT has. As another example, it can help automate social network postings to Facebook and other sites. Let’s see how IFTTT can help you potentially save money.

As I am growing more familiar with the vast array of applications that IFTTT connects with, I have begun to think about how it can help save me money, too. So, for a really basic example, I created a recipe,, which will remind me on Saturdays at 10:00am to visit and look for new coupons to use. Granted, it’s just a reminder and is not going to sort the coupons for me, which would really save time, but it’s a building block, especially as IFTTT becomes integrated with more websites and apps. It has a promising future.


Save money with IFTTT

In the coming months, I am going to continue to check which additional apps IFTTT will work with. In the mean time, you should browse the site yourself and see if one of the many thousands of recipes already created can help you. Better yet, create one for yourself, especially if it will help you spend less in some way, and let me know what it does. And, remember, if you save time, you save money. So, if automating a task saves you time at least, you are winning.

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