How to find discount gift cards

Today, I am going to be discussing one of my favorite topics – discount gift cards, or essentially partially used gift cards. What are these, you ask? You can refer to my glossary page for a quick definition, but they are basically store gift cards with value on them that you obtain at a discount. Here’s how this works: perhaps you received a gift card for that you aren’t a big fan of. May be that gift card would be better used to trade in for cash or a different card instead. So, let’s say you have a card for store X that you don’t care for that has $100 in value on it. You could go to Gift Card Granny and look up what its trade in value might be. Prepare to take quite a haircut, though. Discount gift cards sites may only value it at $75, leaving them a $25 profit. But, you are still ahead since you didn’t buy the gift card in the first place.

discount gift cards

Did you get a gift card that you don’t care for?

Now, here’s the really fun, more lucrative part: what if you are looking to buy something at a particular store and notice that at you can get a gift card for 10-20% off or more? Now, that’s exciting. You take that 10-20% off discount, apply it to a sale price and a coupon code and you are really knocking down your price.

So, how can you find the potential re-sell value of a gift card or see what discount gift cards are available? I will show you in this video below.

alt= discount gift cardsAs you can see, buying discount gift cards is really a win-win for everyone. Consumers get to buy goods or services less expensively and retailers benefit because shoppers might even be more encouraged to buy from stores where a deal always seems to be available using this method.

UPDATED ADDITION: Listen to the full and extended audio from the video above.

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