Use the library to save money on magazine and newspaper subscriptions

Have you visited your local library lately? You might want to for all of its great reading and media options. Even though magazine and newspaper subscriptions can be obtained relatively inexpensively, especially with sites like, spending $10-$30 here and there along with everything else you buy a month does add up. In the past, I have written about all of the offerings the modern library has available now, and not just at the actual location. It’s a topic worth exploring again.

To access this awesome resource, you need a card to do so, which is pretty easy, but if you are one of my younger readers, you might need an adult with you to obtain one. Once you register your card, go on-line and you will find ebooks, movies, journals, newspapers, and music available to you. And, even if your neighborhood location doesn’t have direct access to a particular publication, they might partner with a nearby system which does. This is especially true if you live in a larger urban area. Just a cursory search recently and I (still) found Consumer Reports available, Investors Business Daily (articles, not the actual paper on-line, and many other well-known publications. Since I just got a reminder note that my Consumer Reports was up for renewal, I decided to cancel it (it’s great, but I only read it when I need to buy a big item). I figure that as a taxpayer, I am already paying for it, so why pay for it again?


I am at the library!

The bottom line is, unless you enjoy them for their daily or monthly convenience, you can save a bit of money by searching your favorite publications on-line, for free, at the library.

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