When going to the grocery store is your “spa time,” go for deluxe savings

My cousin and my wife mentioned to me recently that going to the grocery store is like their “spa day.” I was a bit puzzled, but then figured it out that it’s where they go to escape from the world. Hmmm, I thought. There’s got to be something to this. We all have to get food somehow, but I certainly wouldn’t call going to the grocery store a spa day for me. I’d rather have my groceries delivered. With that said, let’s see how we could maximize a trip there if it is your spa day. Here I will lay out “spa packages” to maximize your relaxation enjoyment. Saving money always makes me relax, after all.

Let’s start off that maybe you just need an emergency get away and have only a little time and you go for the the “Basic” package. We are talking only the most fundamental savings here. If you are lucky, there’s a sale going on, but you do not use any coupons, and pay with a cash or points earning credit card. Ok, you got it out of your system, but you are dying to go back soon.

grocery store

Your grocery store spa awaits!

Got a bit more time to plan your spa day? Go for the “Deluxe” package. You hunt down the sales flyer and see that there are a whole bunch of items at a discount this week. You also hunt for coupons in the newspaper, online, your phone, or on the store’s website. Clip, print, or load those coupons to your loyalty card. So, not only do you get the Basic package, but additional savings, too, which can really add to your grocery store bliss.

Really need a make a day of it? Go for the “Ultra” package. This is where your savings and bliss meet full drool nirvana. Take all of the benefits of the Deluxe package and add a few more extras. By planning ahead a bit, you can further your savings impact by buying discounted gift cards to your favorite grocery store.

The next time you are in the mood for a spa day, keep these tips in mind to ensure maximum savings pleasure.

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