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Getting free shipping can be a huge factor in your decision to buy a product online or in the store. For example, bulky objects, like laundry detergent, can really be a wallet drainer if you are trying to buy everyday household goods online. Today, I will show you how to get free or low cost shipping from major retailers to make shopping online worth while. Let’s break out three principal options:

First, for many retailers, such as Amazon, getting free shipping is as easy as spending a minimum amount of money, $35 on eligible items, in their case. While I never encourage buying more than one needs to, it is easy to get to $35 pretty quickly on staple items. Thinking out of the box here, toothpaste, shampoo, socks, laundry detergent, and batteries. Amazon also offers its Prime Service. This is not free, but does cost $99/year. Ok, I know that’s unfortunate, but I think it’s a bargain. Here’s why: in addition to paying no shipping cost on eligible items, with no minimum amount purchased (I bought a $9 notebook recently and paid no shipping), you can get unlimited streaming of movies, television shows, and music. Think of this as Netflix on steroids.

Another option, which is totally free to certain American Express credit card customers, is Shop Runner. Shop Runner is normally $79/year and it includes unlimited shipping for a variety of retailers such as and even Domino’s pizza! If you have an eligible¬†American Express card than this is a no-brainer option. Even if you aren’t a frequent customer of their retailers, it only takes a few transactions for the annual fee to pay for itself. For example, at FTD, the florist, Shop Runner members either pay nothing for shipping or have service charges waived. That’s huge and can be easily $20.

free shipping
Free shipping!

The final option, which is essentially similar to using RetailMeNot to find coupons, is Free

free shipping

With this site, you simply search for the retailer from where you are shopping and see if you can get shipping costs waived for your purchase. It might be a special coupon code, or minimum spending amount to meet.

There are definitely options out there to reduce or get completely free shipping, making online shopping that much more of an attractive buying option. These resources should help.

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