How to save money at Walmart

Truth be told, I live in the City of Washington, DC and we have not had a Walmart here until the last few years or so. Tonight, I discovered that near my new office there is a location near by. I was pretty excited and intrigued given that it was an urban store, so I walked in. In a word, awesome. Clean, bright, and cheerful. And, it definitely influenced my buying behavior. I was going to hit up Macy’s for socks, but instead, I looked for them in the store – and they were there. Sorry, Macy’s, it was just easier this way. But, enough about that, let’s talk savings!


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You may have read or heard in the past that Walmart has a Savings Catcher program which acts as a clever tool to ensure that you are paying the least cost for items you purchase there.


The video below explains how Savings Catcher works at Walmart

Essentially, after entering your receipt in their app or website, Walmart will determine if you paid the lowest price for a particular item that you purchased from them compared to other stores. If it finds that you didn’t, they will issue you an egift card for the difference. Not bad! I wish all major retailers could make this promise and make it so easy to take advantage of such a policy.

For tonight’s purchase, I just entered my receipt into the Walmart Savings Catcher website. It indicated that within a few days I should know if Savings Catcher found a lower price. If it does, I will report back.

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