I just got the consumer protection handbook, and you should get it, too

Readers, I love blogging, I really do, but when it comes to finding a pretty thorough consumer protection and information guide, I must recommend the Consumer Action Handbook. This book is free from Uncle Sam and it is worth a read through. You can order a free copy, download it, or just view it online. For example, for advice on buying a car, it’s in here. For advice on how not to get scammed on your credit card, it’s there, too. But, don’t fire me yet.

This guide is really good at giving advice, but does typically limit the resources to government or non-profit ones. This is good, because Uncle Sam is not in the business of promoting private business outright. I can provide a bit more hand-holding than it does for really specific situations. The book does provide very helpful corporate consumer contacts and Better Business Bureau information. For example, if you had a potential concern about a car recall, you can find major automotive manufacturer’s points of contact listed.

consumer protection

Consumer protection – all in an easy guide

I strongly encourage a quick read through the sections to see if there is a consumer protection issue that you need help with. Of course, you can always contact me by leaving a comment and I will see what I can to help.

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