Changes in Starbucks Rewards program (harder to get free coffee)

One aspect of Starbucks Rewards is sadly changing. Up until recently, if you bought Starbucks ground/bean coffee at the grocery store, you could turn in your empty bag into free coffee at Starbucks. Depending on where you live, that could be about $2! I probably took advantage of the deal a dozen times or so (wish I knew about it before!) And, it was an awesome win-win, I thought. You get free coffee and the bag gets recycled so the Earth feels a little cleaner that day. And, you might just buy additional items while at their store, which is the whole point of loyalty marketing, right?. Well, that benefit is changing and so the planet and I are going to have to find other ways to cope with this loss. There’s good news, though.

Most of the Starbucks Rewards program is not changing. As previously discussed, and noted above, when you buy those ground/bean coffee bags at the grocery store, they come with a gold star on them. That gold star, when peeled off, reveals a code that you enter on the Starbucks Rewards site. As you enter stars and move up levels (Welcome/Green/Gold), continue to use a linked Starbucks gift card to earn perks such as free refills, food, and discounts. Now I am smiling again.

Starbucks Rewards is free to join!

starbucks rewardsHow else can you save on coffee at Starbucks? Watch my YouTube video for a hint.

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