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How much should a taxi fare be?

How many times have you wanted to know what your expected taxi fare is going to be before you get into a cab? Maybe not often if you are traveling where you live, but how about in a city to which you aren’t familiar? Rather than guess and hope it’s not terribly high, you can do easy taxi fare research ahead of time with Taxi Auto Fare. I wish I had done some research ahead of time with this site while visiting Portland, OR recently as the fare was about double it should have been. Lesson learned from me to you.

Here’s how the site works. Say you want to go to the DCA (Reagan) airport from your house and you live in Washington, DC in the 20008 area code. Simply enter your current address (or zip code) and final destination to see estimated distance, time, and fares. Let’s look at the following sample fares:

taxi fare

Sample DC to DCA taxi fare

As you can see from the listings, the site makes it pretty clear what the expected taxi fare is for this ride. And, unexpectedly, the site also adds in Uber fares, which is a great added comparison. The lesson learned here is, if you do your research ahead of tine and then notice a substantial difference in price, consider contesting the fare.


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