How to save money at Walmart – Update


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A few days ago, I discussed how potentially easy it is to save money at Walmart with their Savings Catcher program. After entering my receipt on their website (using the receipt number), they promised me a response within a few days. Today, I received an email saying they couldn’t find a lower price on the products I purchased. Bummer, but it was still fun to see if it were possible.

Lessons from Walmart’s Savings Catcher programs

I really hope that other major retailers follow Walmart’s lead and develop their own “Savings Catcher” programs. Doing an after action report on your shopping is empowering. And, It serves many other purposes, such as bringing more transparency into variations in pricing, helping with budgeting exercises, and dictating changes in buying behavior (i.e. possible less frivolous spending).

We’ll just have to see if the Savings Catcher program really catches on. If it does, then maybe other retailers will follow Walmart.

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