New loyalty program to me, Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Today, while eating a box of Keebler Flip Sides, I noticed on the side of the box a promotion for the Kellog’s Family Rewards loyalty program. Naturally, I got curious. Any time a company offers an incentive to buy their product, I think it’s a win-win. With this program, when you buy specially marked boxes of Kellogg’s products, you will find a code inside that when entered on its website, earns you Kellogg’s Family Rewards points. The grocery store visit just got a bit more exciting.

A loyalty program for eating

loyalty program

Image credit: Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Why is this is a big deal? Because one of the many rewards they offer for cashing in your points is for travel. And, I love travel. For 5000 points, Kellogg’s Family Rewards offers a $100 Delta Vacations e-certificate. Now, that will involve a bit of eating to get there since boxes are worth about 50 or so points each, but still, if you are going to buy the Kellogg product anyway, you might as well get something for it.

We’l see how this loyalty program ends up. A similar concept program from Lean Cuisine recently tanked. Consumers may not want, or may forget, to enter the codes from the box after they are done eating.

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  1. I’ve been entering codes in KFR for a year or two and it takes a looonnngggg time to get enough points for a decent reward. I’ve decided once I do Have enough I will redeem and no longer participate. has a forum related to KFR that’s a great source of bonus codes.

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