Slice also helps ensure you paid the best price

Yesterday, I discussed how using Trackif can help you ensure you will pay, or paid, the best price by tracking item prices over a 90 day period. They seem to be among a growing number of other sites offering a similar service, and today I learned of another, Slice. And, they do differ. While Trackif not only can track your online purchases, or monitor price fluctuations, it also can monitor changes in stock, vacation, and home prices. And also helpful, changes in classified and job ad listings.

In addition to what they both can track, here’s where the two services also stand apart. Instead of adding your purchases somewhat manually to their site, as what must be done with Trackif, Slice can scan your inbox and catalog what you purchased by examining order confirmation emails. That’s different from Trackif in that you have to forward your confirmation directly, or plug it into their site. But, the goals are the same: save you money!

Slice helps you get the best price

best price


As soon as I set up the free Slice account, it started scanning my inbox and reported back 26 purchases (in a similar roll-up to the screen shot above) I had made in the last few years.Granted, they were old and no longer of use for price refund purposes, but still, it was amazing how quickly it found and cataloged my purchases. Slice is also pretty keen on tracking your purchases for shipping changes, such as delays. That can be helpful for really timely items, such as birthday gifts, but usually I don’t pay much attention to when something is supposed to arrive. Amazon, especially, seems to deliver BEFORE the promised date.

Again, like Trackif, Slice will also alert you if a price has dropped after you purchased an item. If it has, this can help assist with a price adjustment request. Let’s take a look at how Slice works.

The bottom line is that there are many tools that can aid your online shopping experience and help ensure you paid the best price. Since the services are both free, you might as well sign up for both and see which one is better for you. I am looking forward to trying them both out the next time I buy something to see if I paid the best price. And, if I didn’t, will discuss my experience with any price adjustment requests that are possible.

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