Do you negotiate to get a bargain?

Getting a bargain when shopping¬†can usually be pretty easy to determine. I have discussed a few strategies lately involving price comparison, price matching, and other price protection tips to help. But, according to Kiplinger’s, we might be missing an opportunity to get the best price by haggling. Haggling, essentially another term for negotiating, should be part of your shopping strategy it seems.

The article mentions some pretty common techniques, such as bringing in competitor’s ads to a store, and using coupons (never thought of them as a negotiating tool), but there are others that I hadn’t thought of to get you the best price. Offer to pay cash, rather than credit, for “big ticket” items such as refrigerators. Especially if you are going to charge an item on a credit card (or some other loan), that 2-3% fee that one of the major card providers charges takes a whack out of a retailer’s profit margin. Another tactic is to find out when things are out of season, like clothes, and asking for a further markdown.


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Getting a bargain may be easier than you think

As with any deal or bargain hunting strategy, it pays to do your homework ahead of time. Do a bit of research on a major price searching engine, and even Amazon will do. You should also consult this helpful guide from Lifehacker on when the best time to buy anything is.

Got a great story to share about when you negotiated a deal? Leave me a comment and let me know what it was you did and the deal you got. I am going to start paying a bit more attention the next time I am in a position to negotiate a bargain.

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