Saving money on groceries with Groupon

Saving money on groceries is getting easier. Increasingly, sites such as, and individual grocery stores’ websites simplify the process of finding and using coupons. And, a more recent trend has been the advent of grocery apps, Ibotta and Checkout51, which provide rebates after purchasing certain items.

Today, I learned from Daily Finance, that Groupon is joining this trend. They just introduced an app called Snap which provides rebates on groceries, too. As with the other apps mentioned, after making a grocery store purchase, simply take a photo of your receipt and upload it. It may sound like a pain, but I have done it a few times with Ibotta and Checkout51 and it was no big deal. Something to do on your commute home (if you aren’t driving, of course.)

Saving money on groceries is getting easier!

I will be downloading Snap later today and will be interested to see how it compares to other apps out there.

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Credit: Snap

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