Post Black Friday shopping with AMEX Small Business Saturday

American Express’ Small Business Saturday is getting more popular and it’s coming up soon! Not familiar? This event has taken place the last few years in late November and its a promotion for you to be rewarded for supporting small businesses. This year, spend $10 (minimum) at a at small business on Saturday, November 29, and receive a statement credit of $10, up to 3 times. Free money! You must register here and be a holder of an American Express card. If you have more than one American Express card, you

Why is Small Business Saturday so great?

small business saturday

Credit: American Express

Because if you plan on shopping at a small business, you might as well get something for it! And, if you don’t want to battle the Black Friday crowd the day after Thanksgiving, this is another opportunity to save money on items you would be buying anyway.

Small Business Saturday is a great way to get a jump on your shopping and to avoid some of the hassles of the holiday season.

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