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It’s very easy to believe that getting great customer service is a thing of the past. There are fewer people it seems that are available to help you while shopping, and worse, the ones that are there just ignore you, or don’t care. I say customer care is taking a new form, courtesy of the Internet age. As I mentioned a few weeks ago with my issue in getting a replacement electric toothbrush kit, I have had consistently effective customer service using a company’s online chat function. Tonight, I contacted a major retailer because of a busted buckle on a jacket (no, it’s not because of too much holiday cheer). The jacket’s buckle simply broke apart and I only have had it a few weeks. Here’s what I did to fix the problem.

First, I retrieved the order number from email confirmation from when I ordered it a few weeks ago. This is important because it makes the conversation a lot easier when you have a tracking number. Second, I went to the company’s website and looked for an online chat function for customer service. I wasn’t surprised that they had it, but still, it’s nice to see that option. I really didn’t want to have to speak to someone over the phone who may not understand the problem as easily then when spelled out in writing. On many occasions, writing is definitely a preferred method in which to communicate these problems. Next, I proceeded to speak with “Thomas” for about 5 minutes and explained to him the situation. He was very pleasant and methodical in his customer service. In the end, he indicated that all I had to do was re-order an item and bring in the defective item into the store and process a refund. That I thought was pretty cool.

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Getting great customer service is still possible!

In addition to the online chat customer service function that is built in to many large retailer’s websites, don’t forget that Twitter is your friend, too. There a few steps involved in order to “direct message” someone who can help you, you can always start to fix your customer service problem by tweeting about the company and indicating your issue. No company wants to publicly address your problem, so they will invite you to “follow them” and they will “follow you” as well in order to initiate a direct chat away from others.

I have used Twitter on several occasions in the past and it has been great for answering my questions or concerns.

Times have definitely changed in customer service, but in many respects, there are more avenues for the consumer than previously available to address issues. They just have taken a more technological form. I will continue to provide you updates on using these tools effectively so that you will feel empowered.

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